Change Mode from Switch to Dual with LCD


I real bad error changing the Mode in browser to switch than losing the ability to access the PBX. Is there an easy way to recover. Manual does not indicate it can be done from the LCD. Would be a nice modification. Is there a way to recover short of factory reset.


Yes, can be reset from ucm6510 faceplate


You just simply change the network settings of the device, so if you lose access to it I can assume that you were using the network that got lost on the switch to “Switch”.

To recover it, just connect from “the other side” of the network. If you don’t remember it’s IP, check on the LCD screen.

Basically before you had two IPs for the UCM, now you have only one, so you have to connect to it from the one that appears on the LCD screen. Once logged in, you can set it again as “Route or Dual” and configure your previous IP for the secondary network.


Thanks. Did just what you suggested. Back on the device. Need to determine how to use a config backup that is greater than 10 MB to restore the configuration, Any way to extract the config settings from a full backup


If you have a backup that is bigger than 10Mb and therefore the GUI does not allow you to “upload” it, then put the backup file into an SD card or USB stick, plug it into the UCM and click restore from it.

I recommend always having a SD card into the UCM for full backups and restores.