Cgi-bin send key api


does anyone know how to send the FLASH key using the CTI api cgi-bin/api-send_key ?
(it is for an unsupported GXP1165…)

Thanks in advance!


They do not have flash ?


It is not documented in the api [1], just the other keys (hold, conference, transfer, etc)

I was hoping that it is actually available but just not described in the document. So I did try sending ‘FLASH’, etc without success.

Failing that, perhaps there is some trick that could be used - like mapping another key (like the multi purpose keys MPK1-24) to be the flash key…?



Why you need Flash ???
Flash do not exist in IP phones as this is analogue function.


For the model I need to support in this instance - the GXP1165 - a transfer is done by pressing transfer (XFER) followed by the Flash key, so for this model the Flash key does still exist. [1]
This key is also used to switch between two calls.
Obviously it doesn’t work the same way as an analog flash, but that is what this key is called on this model.

Our software sends the commands to do that so that the user can manage their calls from the desktop.

Unfortunately, this model is no longer supported by grandstream - hence the need for either an undocumented command or a trick to remap this key.

[1] see the image on page 5


Xfer work.
It is documented on page 13/14
“Functions used on all Models”
AFIR there was same doc for older model, so it will work.

Old manual have same, but for transfer you must have open call.
Also you should end with #(if enabled) for immediate reaction
Note: # cannot be sent from browser to the phone in request URI directly using HTTP GET method so %23 should be used instead of # (bug 14725)


Yes, this type of unattended transfer is fine.
The problem is for attended transfers between two established calls - the flash key must be used for this model. Same for switching between two established calls - flash key again.

Does anyone have any idea if there is an undocumented code for this key?
Or any workaround?


I think you can do it via xfer but you need how phone do transfer.

  1. set phone on Auto-Attended Transfer (settings -> call features)
  2. use xfer with number + # or dial
    It should initiate att transfer, then for transfer send xfer again.

This option allow you to do both type of transfer :

  1. Bling TRN number TRN
  2. Att TRN number # or Dial then TRN for transfer