CDR showing hold times? Customer wants to have reports on how long callers are on hold


I have a potential customer who is very interested in Grandstream systems and phones. He manages several restaurants and wants to be able to pull reports on how long callers are on hold, or in a queue if we set up a call queue, and I’m sure he’ll want to know how long calls are parked for as well. Is this something that can be setup in CDR? I looked in the system I have in my office, as well as the user manual, but did not see a way to do this. I may have to find him another solution if Grandstream doesn’t offer this.


Putting a call on hold is a phone function, not a PBX function. So you won’t be able to get that from CDR records. Transferring the customer to queue would give you queue stats, which would show how long they sat in the queue before they came out, but it doesn’t let someone “pick them” out of the queue - it just sends it to the next available phone. Which is likely the one they just came from.

The best option might be a parking lot. Transfer/park the call and then pick it back up when you can. You can set the maximum time that the call stays parked before it kicks back to the original extension or route it somewhere else. This would show up on your CDR reports.


Totally fine with using parking lots, in fact that’s what I was planning on training them to do. However, I definitely need the CDR for that. Do you have an example or know of one that I can look at?

The likely flow will be calling in to a recording as a greeting, press 1 for hours and directions, press 2 to speak to a hostess, press 3 for takeout, press 4 to leave a message for catering or the manager. 2 & 3 will go to the same place (a queue) but for reporting it’ll be nice to have the differentiation. And if the employee needs to put the caller on hold or transfer, they will be instructed to use parking lots


Download a CDR and look at it. Reading them is a bit of art mixed with science but once you look at one and see what you need to see, you can write some scripts to automate the tasks.


I’ve been playing with call accounting pro from brain heard software out of Arizona. I’m pretty sure it will get you this info.

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