CDR No DATA UCM6402 V1.0.18.2


i have problem for UCM6402 V1.0.18.2 the CDR No DATA someone help me please


Try to filter the data. Try a different browser. Clear cookies and cash.

I’ve had that happen before, so far it hasn’t been the UCM that caused the issue.


I connect to two laptops the same problem, I think a CDR crach
I download the file here is :


Select column a.
Go to the data tab.
Select text to data.
Change the check mark from tab delimited to comma.
I’m not sure the rest of the steps but it should be clear.

Let me know how that goes.

Feel free to pm me the file.


excuse me
i don’t understand, what i’m doing please ?


The CDR display shows the current month. As today is the first of the month, it will not show anything quite yet.

To overcome this click on the filter icon and then put in the start date and end date and click on filter. The system will then show the records it has for the requested dates. Tomorrow, it will likely show the CDR records for the month automatically, but you can use the filter at any time to refine your search.


We are having the same issue with the CDR records displaying and it has nothing to do with the filter feature. This issue seems to have something to do with the latest firmware we have multiple UCM 6102 & 6108’s systems and all the upgraded ones are doing the same thing the cdr page is empty.


We have tracked the issue down to the latest firmware it is not displaying the last CDR records on the front cdr page without having to run a filter. In all the previous versions it always displays the most recent call records on the cdr page by default without a filter search.


Yeah, you need at least end date.


Yes we know it works when i enter in a end date. but i should not have to do a filer to see the most current they should just display.


Just got an official response

Nebinur @December 05, 2018 09:56


Yes, you are right. there is a known issue with the CDR on current version and our team is working on a fix. For now, you can only see the data if you do filter.

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Same issue, same response with Grandsteam support.


Dear all,

This issue has been fixed by our development team and will be included in the upcoming firmware.



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thank you very much for all the comments


i was facing the same isssue with ucm 6208. so i jus filter it. and it display the window… try once


Dear All,

Please upgrade your UCM to official firmware, available on website. This has resolved this issue.