CDR logs to MySQL



is it possible to add cdr call logs to a mysql database?


take a look at this if you find what you’re looking for:


Thanks damiano70, I want to push CDR to MySQL directly.


those are the manuals for the CDR
if you don’t find anything there, I don’t think you can do it.


When you say direct, I am uncertain what is meant. CDR records can be output in a few formats, but you will need to map fields from the CDR to those in your database and then do a script to automate the process.


In the real time output guide there’s a python script example.Using this as a base you can receive the CDR on call completion, process it and insert the record into a MySQL table.
Its not possible to do this directly, you have to go through the intermediate stage to process the data received.
If you don’t want to use python then its straightforward to do this with php…


I cant find a way to do this real time. Looks like the quickest you get the data is after the call drops.


You can only get the cdr after the call drops as its not available until then. The only way to do what you want is by using AMI to get real time from the UCM


And even then in real-time, the number of entries may grow substantially and become quite confusing depending on the call duration and the number of transfers that take place.


@rtl is correct. You’re not looking for CDR information, since the records are not created until calls are terminated. You want AMI information, which tells you what’s happening now. There are a number of threads about FOP replacements for UCM devices. I suggest you search for “FOP2” in this forum and see if anything helps you out.