Hi Guys,

I can’t preview cdr API in browser, here is the error


Please Help,



Not much to go on.

Has whatever API command you used worked before?


I think i remember it’s worked when i clear the cdr

and start some calls

is it because of my cdr, here is the example


Ok so it was trying to view the CDR via the UCM web GUI. I suspect that either the CDR database is corrupt or perhaps the memory is full. You can check the memory usage in the dashboard, but you should setup routine clearing based upon the usage and need of how often to review.

Clear it and see if it then returns the view correctly.


i can’t clear the cdr because it used by our organization,

when i try recapi , it’s work,

memory is ok, storage is fine,

is there anything we can do except clear the cdr ?


If you have tried a reboot and the issue persists, then submit a ticket to support.