Card Management: Un-enforce fields card number and sip number



For a card entry neither the fields “Card Number” nor “SIP Number” should be enforced, i.e. they should not be marked with an asterisk. I may need to enter a user with PIN and not issue an RFID card, and I also may not have a SIP extension for this user.




Fixed at FW: Will close this case when firmware released.


In fw the field Card Number is still (or again) compulsory and marked with an Asterisk (*). Likewise the Virtual Number field is an enforced field.



I would also like the Card Number to be editable.



You can input and enter NEW card number by either scanning from GDS or manually input digits from webUI.
But you can NOT edit card number once saved. You can delete and enter new one again.

This is Database Operation, the card number is index of DB record which once formed can NOT be revised.

Thank you for using GDS3710.


Allow me to repeat the initial posting to point out what this thread here is about:


@AllUp : Card number is the DB index and has to be unique. You can use that RFID number but not giving the physical card to the user; or you can even fake and make a RFID number (without physical card). The DB operation has to have unique identify. Same SIP number can be assigned to different RFID cards, as well as Virtual Number.


@rickross: Card number can NOT be editable, but you can delete and add card with different number, or manually input a fake card number you like, as long as that number is unique.


Thanks for the explanations, I expected a reason like this. Will have to work around it, then. Not too nice, but ok.