Captive portal with google Oauth 2.0 - use default browser to login with google


Hi everybody. I’m configuring a captive portal for a set of devices so that users can use sms, facebook login anche google login credentials.

SMS and facebook credentials works correctly, instead google credential are not. I successfully created google Oauth credential, but when clicking on google login button a popup with a message like “use default browser to login with google”. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix?
I’m testing this on GWN7602.


I think that this is a security measure from google, I hv never tested this but are you able to use the phone System browser to login and not the web view (embeded browser)?


Yes I am able to login using phone browser, but I cannot login using the browser that usually pops out when connecting to wifi with captive portal.

Do you know if there is any way to workaround this issue on embedded captive portal or am I forced to develop a brand new login app?


I have never tested this before (I am just trying to help)
better to check with gs support

And I think you can provide a link to the OAuth page with instructions for the user to open the link in their system browser. This workaround requires users to manually copy the link and paste it into their system browser.
I believe that captive portals are embedded within the operating system’s WebView, and you cannot control the WebView behavior or open the OAuth page programmatically in the system browser from the captive portal.

Anyway it is better to check with GS support regarding this or anyone that has experience with captive portal and webview/embedded browser to confirm this.


google OAuth removes the support of embedded browser back in 2017 so no more pop ups