Cant upgrade from old firmware


Hi Guys

I have just spent the last 4 hours trying to upgrade the firmware from on some GXP2130 handsets.

I am assuming, from snippets I have read, there there is a version path I need to follow - yet I cannot find any archive of old firmware versions to download… thus I am stuck at that ancient version.

Is there a “real” archive with older versions around, or alternatively, is there a way around the stepping stones to reach the current version?

Many thanks in advance for your help.



You’re right, you need to go through some intermediate steps as is very old. I can’t remember immediately those steps are. Best thing is open a ticket at Grandstream



Yes, very old… and as the handsets cant see the internet, thats the way they have been!

I found that Softpedia appear to have all the old Grandstream firmware releases, so will unpick the journey through that.

Sad that Grandstream dont appear to have a guide, or even an archive of the old releases and it takes a third party to fill that gap and look after the community.



I wouldn´t get any Software from Softpedia.
I don´t think this is a save place to get software from.
In most cases I received a laptop or pc from a customer that has been virus infected,
then any software from this platform had beed installed.
Think of your phone bill and get the software directly from GS by opening a ticket.
You will receive the needed Firmware files very quick I´m sure.


It must be upgraded to 1.0.5.xx (or maybe 1.0.3.xx) then to 7.xx then maybe to latest.


1.0.5.x is what I seem to remember. I have some old firmware for the 2130 going back to if you need the files.
You’ll find that upgrade paths are documented in the release notes but can take time to decipher them


i’m not sure if you can go from to 5.xx straight. I have all files but need check. Anyway GS helpdesk easy handle this.