Can't update firmware on HT-502


I’ve been unsuccessful at updating (my very out of date) firmware on HT-502. I’ve tried update from web as well as locally from PC. Can anyone provide a link to instructions? BTW for the local update I’m using a free TFTP server from SolarWinds. I could also use instructions on how to set it up exp the server bindings. Thanks for any help.


Take a look at the release notes as they may indicate a need to “step” through a specific set of firmware versions to get to the latest version from very early ones.

Sorry, can’t help with the Solar Winds product as have never used or seen.


Thanks. As an update I was able to upgrade to 1.0.4 but not further. The secret was disabling firewall. The older versions are in 3 parts which works. The newer versions are in 1 part which doesn’t work. Any more ideas?


On the way to 1.0.4, did you also update to 1.0.3 first?


No it was direct


To elaborate, v 1.0.4 consisted of multiple files such as ht502base.bin, ht502core.bin, etc whereas later versions consist of a single file such as ht502fw.bin. I’m supposing that for some reason the HT-502 won’t accept the new single file format. Perhaps I’m missing an intermediate version that accepts the single files. If that’s the case I wonder where I can get earlier versions that are subsequent to 1.0.4. Thanks again for your help.


You might need to open a Helpdesk ticket with Grandstream