Can't Update Firmware on GRP2614 Phone


I have a GRP2614 running firmware It is configure to download firmware updates from using HTTP. When I reboot the phone, I get a message that a new version of firmware has been found and asks me if I want to install it. When I select yes, it shows that it is updating for about 2 seconds and then reboots. After the reboot, it’s still running the old firmware and I get the same update message again.



download the file and install it manually and that’s it


How do I install it manually?



It turns out that if you are running this old of a firmware release, you 1st need to update the phone to firmware release You can do this by changing the firmware update settings in the phone to HTTP and URL After rebooting the phone, and updating the firmware to this version, you can change the firmware update settings to, and reboot the phone. The phone will then update to the latest release.


always updating the FW in FW steps is a rule


That’s good advice when you are manually updating firmware. However, if you have a phone that auto updates via a website, and the updates fail, it’s not always obvious what is going on, particularly when the error message on the phone doesn’t give you any idea what firmware version it is trying to install.


Always read the firmware release notes. I’d suggest that you should only update handset fw when you want to not when the handset wants to. We only update firmware when it’s necessary to resolve an issue, add a security feature or adds a feature the customer needs. Other than that leave it alone