Can't make long distance calls


I have setup a handful of UCM 6204s and have not had this issue. Using Cox phone services and GXP2135s. When I dial out to a long distance # or 800# I get either a notice saying number is incorrect, or when using a remote handset, nothing at all.

I have my national outbound rule setup and using _XXXXXXXXXX as the pattern. I am not sure if I am missing something if cox requires an append to the number or something. Anyone have similar issues? The phones work for local number, and non local numbers with the same area code.


If you have to dial the # <-- that sends a command to the telephone to dial. so if nothing is entered it will dial nothing to the telephone system.

So you need to change the behaviour of the telephones:

Under Accounts --> Call Settings --> Key As Send

Disabled Pound (#)Star (*)

Try disabled to see if that resolves your issue. that does then set a delay before dialling.


Found the answer. The issue was the provider required a 1 to any long distance number. No prepend to the long distance outbound and the pattern was set to 10 characters instead of 11. The phone company wanted the 1, the client always put the 1, I didn’t make room for the 1.