Can't import SIP accounts


Has anyone else tried to import SIP accounts? No matter what we do with the template (including following the instructions in the Admin PDF) we get this error:

“The file contents do not meet the requirements. Please refer to the imported template.”

We’ve made every field blank, every field non-blank, some empty and some not, exported data and then immediately tried to import that data…nothing we do works. We’re not stupid; we know how to use Excel and we know how to export/import things. So either this functionality isn’t turned on, or the manual is wrong and the import process is expecting something magical.

Would love to hear from someone who has had some luck with this.


I was able to. Just made one up and it did work. Using excel 2019, saved as excel 97-2003 work book. Did not add any info in the mac address field. Using the General Device Template.


How bizzare. We did the same thing (saved as Excel 97-2003). No MAC address. With MAC address. Doesn’t matter. Still doesn’t load. Using Generic Device Template.

Would you be willing to PM me your template, maybe changing the obvious stuff like passwords, etc so I can see if your file loads in our GDMS?


Yeah sure, no problem.


For those reading this outside our PM, just want to say that your templates worked. Our working theory is password field lengths. We use 32-character passwords, and I think I remember there’s something about this being too long in another one of our threads. Will investigate and reply when we nail it down.

Thanks for helping!


I exported the Excel doc from gdms, used that and it went without a hitch.


That’s what we started with, to. Didn’t work. Pretty sure it is password lengths, because we have a note on that from one of the betas. Will be investigating tomorrow. Thanks!


After saying it went without a hitch, I recall I tried it once with random passwords that included any character. I had to change the password to only use ~ !$# or something like that.



if you refer to the screen that I enclose, I had imported and exported correctly without any problems.
Consider that I had done it with the first version of GDMS, I would not want that with the advancement of the versions of GDMS this thing stopped working.


Thanks to all who provided examples and assistance. Want to know the problem? It’s not password lengths (those appear to have been increased to 32 characters as requested in We confirmed this with 8, 12, 28, 20, 24, 30, 32, and 33 character length passwords and if they’re more than 32, there is an error printed. So I’ll cross that one off the list.

No, it’s the first row of instructions! We assumed that the instructions could be deleted from the import file. They can’t. Or rather, they can. The import ignores the first row, treats the second row as column headers, and then imports the rest of the file starting with row 3.

Now that we’ve figured that out, importing is working. Again, thanks to all.

Edit - I’m leaving this topic open while we explore some other potential problems with the import process.


Thanks your updates, SmartVox!

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you!