Cant get rid of GS Wave Notification from Android App


I’ve just installed the GS Wave software phone for android and I can’t get rid of the (1) notification from the app.


What is your smartphone model / os and GS Wave version?
If your permissions settings are correctly set:

  • Slideshow on the lock screen,
  • Display popup windows while running in the background
  • Display popup windows
  • Permanent notifications

and battery settings for app is:

  • no limits

then you can try these steps (for Android settings):

  1. Settings -> Notifications -> toggle off/on
  2. Settings -> Applications -> GS Wave -> clear cache / clear data



As in another my post, if you use wave version, then you have problems, the app goes to bed!
We are testing and GS Support is working on this to solve the problem.
If you use UCM and wave 1.0.5 instead, follow the Mateus guide and you have your app working


Having a similar issue; if I turn off notifications in android app settings will I still get (receive) calls? Currently if I go into the app, click on settings, click on exit, the app shuts down completely (or appears to), half an hour later I am getting notifications that it registered (or failed to register). Is there a way to kill it completely, AKA if I don’t want to take calls at 2AM?

Using on Samsung S10+