Can't get phonebook on UCM6102 downloaded to GXP1625 phones


I want all phones to have the same phonebook available to them. I have tried XML and LDAP and failed.

System Settings --> LDAP Server:
LDAP Server Configuration:untouched, all default
LDAP Phonebook: I have 2, the ou=pbx,dc=pbx,dc=com with extensions and one I created with a few entries in it. The one I created looks good when I view it from within the UCM
LDAP Phonebook --> Phonebook Download Configuration: I left all as was, but weird that I cannot change the server address (ghosted) and that address is but I am on a

Value-Added Features --> Zero Config --> Global Policy --> Contact List:
LDAP is checked and set to the custom one I made
XML Server is also checked with source as Local UCM server and the server path has the xml file I uploaded
Phonebook download interval is set to 5

I pushed the changes to the phones from Zero Config and then rebooted the phones. When I push the directory button I get an empty local phonebook, empty local group, empty broadsoft and LDAP searches come back failed.


Ldap is not stored locally.


But I should be able to use the LDAP search from the phone?


Yes, but you need select LDAP phonebook and then start adding something to search.
LDAP do not DOWLOAD contact, it will show only something when you start making search.


That is what I am doing, but they come back as “Search Failed”


Then LDAP in phone is configured wrong.
Maybe you search wrong fields ?