Can't get BLF to work with VoIP


I am using 2 GXP2170s and 1 GXP2130 and I have 3 VoIP lines setup in Momentum with a ring group with an assigned hunt group number directing all phones to ring simultaneously when a call arrives. I am simply trying to make it so that when any of the phones have an active call, that phone has an option to see a new call come in and answer that call resulting in the initial call being placed on HOLD and also that the other extensions see it and can pick it up. I thought that I could do this just by defining BLFs for the other extensions on each phone. For example, phone 5001 would have BLFs assigned for 5002 and 5003, and so on. This actual works on a simple FreePBX setup cause I tried it. For instance I am able to take 5001 off the hook and dial that extension again and have the option to pick it up on the 5001 BLF assigned to extensions 5002 and 5003. Of course these are extensions without real world numbers or an assigned hunt group that distributes to a ring group.

The problem is when I define Account 1 on each phone with its corresponding SIP information (server, User ID, and Password) and then assign BLF fields, they show up as grayed out with a question mark indicating the extension is unknown or not registered. I’ve also noticed that once I start trying to define BLF, I eventually end up losing inbound routing to all extensions and have to factory reset the phones and input my SIP information again so the phones will ring in from an outside line.

I apologize if this explanation is lousy but any guidance would be appreciated.



The first question is whether Momentum is a SIP trunk provider and/or a hosted PBX provider and if you are using the hosted PBX aspect of same?

You need a PBX to manage the subscriptions of a BLF scenario.