Can't dial phone after it idles for a few minutes


I can’t call the wp800 extension after it has idled for a few. I can call out on it fine. If I reboot I can call it again until it has idled. Tried a few different wireless AP, different model and brands, and still after idle can’t call its extension.


This is likely being caused by a WiFi issue we’ve noticed on another thread. Next time it happens, try to see if you can even hit the phone’s webpage - odds are, you can’t (nor could you ping it). Theory is, it’s “sleeping” the WiFi. Disabling/enabling WiFi reconnects it too (so you don’t have to wait for a reboot), but it still just happens again soon.

New F/W supposed to be coming this week that may correct.


Just found out that if I register the ext using my external host name this happens. Added another extension using internal IP and I can call it after idle. I probably need to set DNS to use internal ip when on same network.



Thanks for the update. It seems it could be a routing issue with that domain name.