Can't Change/Delete Templates



I am working on a 200+ phone deployment and GDMS is doing something I don’t understand.

I have my phones broken up by sites then apply the template to the model/site. These are GRP2615’s

When I made changes they don’t seem to apply, then I tried creating another group then went all hail mary and deleted all my templates and factory defaulted the phones… They STILL have this template.
When I check the phones in GDMS it shows the individual phones have the settings applied.

How do I get my phones back to a template or get the settings out of each individual phone in GDMS?


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! Could you kindly help to capture the trace file with syslog from your GRP device? You can try to push the template to the device and we can check the syslog that if the parameters have been pushed to the device. If you already have the templates in the GDMS account, you should be able to push them to your devices successfully. Could you kindly help to describe your operation process step by step? Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!