Can't answer incoming calls


I have been using GS Wave for a long time with my PBX on my LAN with no problems.
Since the last update to in almost all cases, when I get a call and I tap to answer, the PBX stops the ringback tone to the caller (i.e. it received my answer), however the GS Wave keeps on ringing and I can’t talk with the other side.
My GS Wave is installed on Nexus 5X with Android 8.1.0 (build OPM7.181205.001)


try on the nat to set “keep active”.

p.s .: is the interior in question local or remote?



It worked. This is strange, as my PBX and the GW Wave phone are on the same private LAN, and it has been working for years with NAT set to NO SAT.


the solution I gave you works?
do not ask yourself other questions :stuck_out_tongue:


I jumped to conclusion too quickly. As I said, this problem occurs occasionally. Well. It happens again now with “Keep alive”.


set “nat no”


problem still unsolved. Must be a bug