Can't access my usb NAS over OpenVPN


i recently bought a GWN7000 router and 2 GWN7615 access points for my home network. The setup proccess and the overall performance of the products is great. The problem that i am facing is that i can’t connect to the HDD i have attached to the router via USB when i am connected with OpenVPN. When i am connected on my local network i can see it and i can work with it just fine, but when i am connected with vpn i can’t seem to get a connection to it. I can ping all my home devices and i can access their web interfaces without any problem when on VPN. I can’t also connect to my PC shared files when i am connected via VPN. I have tried another vpn on my raspberry pi (wireguard) and the shared files either from my usb HDD either from my PC are accessible. Can anyone help me? I can provide you with whatever screenshots you may need.
Thanks in advance and sorry for my grammar mistakes english is not my native language.


The USB port of the GWN7000 if I remember correctly, was never supported or facilitated in anyway.

Early firmware versions of GWN7000 didnt have that available…


Except that he can see and use the HDD on the GWN USB port when on the same Lan. Only when using OpenVPN does the issue arise.


It’s not only the HDD on my GWN7000 its also my shared folders on my Windows 10 PC. In addition to that if i connect to my wireguard VPN on my Raspberry Pi i can see and access both the HDD on my router and my shared files on my PC. It seems like there is a problem with the VPN on the GWN7000 but i can’t figure it out


So its a routing issue via OVPN then.


You might do a Google search as I did and where I found the following -

Whether or not that might help, I do not know. I normally use IPsec and I no longer use GWN7000. It is end of life and no further development is forthcoming.


What i understand from the article you attached is to make the vpn full tunnel which i have already done by checking the redirect gateway option on my GWN7000 vpn settings and adding the redirect-gateway def1 on my client ovpn file. I will attach below photos of my vpn settings as well as for my firewall. My network is my wan is from my isp router with dmz anabled on the and my vpn is



I think the pertinent part is how the devices/shares are found, not how the gateway is defined. All that does it redirect all remote Internet destined traffic thru the GWN rather than using the remote router.

As suggested, use Google and do a search or contact the helpdesk.


Thanks for the replays. I have already opened a ticket on the help desk but i havent received any answers.
Maybe buying this router in 2022 was the wrong choice.