Cannot upgrade firmware on WP820 [solved]


Hello, I’m new to Grandstream and can’t upgrade the Firmware on my WP820. I’m currently on version

Here’s what I do:

  1. I do a factory reset on the phone and then connect to my Wi-Fi network. In my desktop browser, I download firmware version from

  2. I log into the WP820 using the latest version of the Google Chrome browser on my Mac (High Sierra) and find the Firmware section in the web interface using the search function because under the Maintenance tab there’s only “System Diagnosis” available.

  3. Under the Firmware tab, I leave the box “Complete Upgrade” unchecked and I leave the other fields empty (except “Firmware Upgrade Mode” which is set to “HTTP”) and then I click on the “Upload” button and navigate to wp820fw.bin on my computer.

  4. I see a blue progress bar slowly move. The page is now grayed out and a message is visible saying “Uploading, please wait…”

  5. When the progress bar has reached the end and has turned green, the message remains and the screen remains with the gray overlay. This continues for over 30 minutes when I give up and close the page.

  6. I take the phone and navigate to “Advanced settings” and do a Reboot. I then log back into the phone with the browser and go to Status > System Info but the System Version is still

Please tell me what I do wrong and please help me to do it right.




Did you sort this as there were some Gremlins on the early releases? Doing a progressive step upgrade is likely the way forward but if you don’t get anywhere TFTP may be an option (can help you with that if you aren’t sure).


Update: I purchased a Micro USB to regular USB adapter cable. I copied the wp820fw.bin file of the firmware updater onto the flash drive and followed the instructions in the manual. At first, I could not find the instructions in the “Firmware_Upgrade_Guide.pdf” document but I found it in “wp820_user_guide.pdf”. I was able to successfully update the firmware to version


Great! Closing this topic.