Cannot Start Conference Call


I have purchased a few GXP2140 IP Phones to setup at our offices with MightyCall as our provider.

Today we had a conference call scheduled so I wanted to test the feature before using it with a client. I called the first number and then clicked the conference softkey to be prompted to enter the extension/number to dial. I clicked send after entering the number to call and the dialling window pops up very briefly then disappears, essentially it doesn’t start dialling at all it just brings me back to the main call which is still on hold. Ended up just having to use my cellular to do the conference call, unfortunately.

I came back to it afterwards to see if I had messed up some configurations but couldn’t get it to work whatsoever, just kept getting the same issue. I even tried it with one of the other GXP2140 phones and it too was experiencing the same issue. So, I went back to the original phone and did a factory reset and just put in the necessary SIP information to make a call and the issue still persisted.

At this point the phone still just has the one account setup with SIP info and I am unsure of what to do next. Fairly new to IP Phones so if anyone could help point me in the right direction for what I may need configured on the phone that would be greatly appreciated.


Your phone needs at least 2 account keys and your ITSP, MightyCall, needs to allow multiple calls on the account.


I now have the phone setup with 4 account keys, and my MightyCall plan supports conference calling with upto 5 numbers per account. Still getting the same issue.


Figured it out, not a problem with the GrandStream phones; MightyCall doesn’t support softkeys unfortunately, so you have to use their TUI commands instead.