Cannot sign an AP 7610 as a Mesh Member with AP Master Model 7630


Hello, having problems to add an AP7610 as a Mesh Member for a Wifi Network with APs 7630 again. I configured months ago with no problems,. I already have reset the network, I have disable an re enable the Mesh option at the Master and not connecting. If I connect the AP7610 to the Switch, the AP is working with no problem. I have recently update the AP7610 to the latest firmware with no solution.

Am I doing something wrong? Or the AP7610 may have a problem?


make sure you have correctly updated the FW to all APs
here the MESH guide and below the Grandstream support link:


Ok, one question, do I need to disable bridge option on the AP where I want to connect the RE via Mesh?


I usually put the AP in factory format before configuring them in mesh,
above you have the instruction link that answers all your questions,

in that case you can open a ticket for Grandstream support