Cannot Change Ring Tone


Hello All,

Customer site has a dozen or so 2170’s and 2160’s.

All phones have custom ring tones.

All phones have been working for a couple years with no complaint.

One phone decided to starting using the original factory ring tones. Even if I log into the phone and change the ring tone, it’s always using the "You have a call from … " ring tone with is awful for the professional environment it’s in.

I’ve factory reset the phone and, frankly, I’m not sure how to trouble shoot this. At the time the ring tone changed, no firmware updates had been made for weeks, possibly months. I could updated firmware but, I’m not sure that’s a solution either.



What pbx are you using


It’s a UCM 6204.


James how is the phone being provisioned, GDMS or Zero Config?

What is the provisioning path on the phone after it is provisioned?

If the phone is not on the current firmware, have you considered upgrading it to see if it helps?


Do a capture and look at the alrert info in the Invite as that will tell you what the UCM is telling the phone to use for a ring tone.


Check on phone when you manually switch original ring. My guess all are same.