Cannot Change Default ringtone,



Hi, i cannot seam to change the default ring to on the grand-stream GXP1405, i change to ring tone 2 for example, and it doesn’t change it has shown that is it on ring tone 2, but when i incoming call comes it plays the default ring tone how can i fix this?


Hi Dannylfoster,

Can you first help to upgrade your GXP to our latest firmware release following steps on forum post below :

Once done with the upgrade, let us know if this issue has been fixed.

Best regards,


Good day,

thank you for your Help, i just upgraded to Version, i changed the ring tone again, but it still uses the default ring tone i cant use ring 1, 2 and 3, i am not sure what i need to do to fix this,

I noticed on a Direct IP call the ring tone played, but on an extension call it didn’t play



Hi Darryl,

Please make sure to change the Ring tone on the account where the call is received, it seems that in your case you are changing the ringtone on the wrong account.

Please confirm if this is the issue.

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I have changed it in the account one setting in the web interface, my sip account is setup in account one,
still doesn’t work



Hi Darryl,

It would be better if you open a ticket on our Helpdesk that we can dig more on this and try to find out what is the reason behind :
helpdesk link :

Once ticket created on the helpdesk one of our Engineers will follow up with you.

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In my opinion, try changing the ringtone at some reputable ringtone providers like zedge, ring320kbs to see if it works.


The post is nearly 4 years old and given no further response from the thread initiator and significant changes to firmware since then, I am closing the thread due to its inactivity. Should someone else have a similar issue, they can then post a new thread and of course, feel free to respond.

We are trying to close old threads as many of the issue described some time ago with no further activity are likely already solved. When folks use old threads, it forces those responding to review the entire thread to see what happened over the course of finding a solution and then ascertaining what has changed in the meantime, how might those changes have impacted the solution, was the issue already solved or presumed to be solved by a lack of further activity and did Grandstream get involved and handle?