Cannot access Internet with static IP


I am still trying to figure this one out: Due to a quirky setup my DHCP server hands out the wrong = non-working gateway address, which means no Internet. Therefore I reconfigured the 2614 (fw with a static IPv4 address and the correct gateway, but to no avail: Both ping and traceroute fail for Internet targets (tested with IPs, not hostnames).

Can anyone replicate that? I’d upgrade the firmware, but without Internet access… :frowning: Ok, I may have to go for a local TFTP server until then. But how do I actually trigger a firmware upgrade on the phone/ the web UI?

EDIT: It appears that only a reboot can trigger a firmware check - clicking the “Provision” button in Maintenance --> Tools was not sufficient. Upgrading via local TFTP server to worked, but the static IP/gateway issue remains: No Internet access.

BTW: The TFTP upgrade log showed some errors on the server, it appears the phone made several attempts. And as a side note, it was looking also for ring1.bin, ring2.bin und ring3.bin (which were not there).


Hi Allup
The static IP works for me, does the same static IP setting works on other devices ?



If the dhcp is handed out by your edge router then maybe fix know problems first .


This DHCP gateway issue is caused by an ITSP router that is partially locked and misbehaving. I cannot fix that, but setting static IPs is a valid workaround - and yes, I know very well how to do that. :wink: Besides, this is a good test case for new IP phone hardware like the 2614.

After the upgrade to fw. and a reboot (!) things appear to work, perhaps also due to the WiFi fixed in 31. I probably wrongly assumed that Internet connectivity was not available because it appears that actually the PING and TRACEROUTE features are broken. I will create a new topic for this.