Cannot access GXP1628 phone's web ui thru the ucm6208


I am logged into UCM6208. I goto zero config menu. I see all the phone’s with their ip adress. On the far right there is a icon than if you hover over it , it say “access device web ui”. I click it and it opens a new tab, but it never opens the interface. but if I connect an computer to the same network as the phones ,I can get to the phone’s interface. What is wrong. I am at the latest firmware on UCM and Phones as of 9/1/2019.


Your browser may be blocking what it considers as a pop-up. What browser are you using?


I am using Chrome. I am logged in on wan side. Do I have to create a rout in the UCM to find the Lan side.


You can try that, yes.

You need to be on the LAN side.


Do you know the settings to create a route


This would be great to remote admin the ucm and phones


Tell us about the connections to the 6208, what is on the WAN side?


The Wan is on the subnet The ipaddress is and it is setup as router The Lan subnet is, the The lan is set to There is a verizon fios router in front of the WAN. I am trying to use the WAN address to access the GUI of the 6208 to access the Lan address’s. I am using the lan subnet for the phone’s only. This installation is at a customer office. I have access to a computer thru Teamviewer. I would like to remote into the computer and open up the 6208 gui interface and make changes to the phones’s when needed. I am sure it is possible, but the routing between lan and wan is wrong. Thanx in advance for your help.


Also, I have to SIP trunks that are working fine and all the phone’s are working. This is to save me a trip to customer when they needed a change made.


You would have to set a separate port forward to each phone if trying to access via the WAN.


can i do it with a static route?
Also can you give me an example of a port forward. The phone’s start at to


Unfortunately no for screenshots, as I do not have any PBX directly exposed to the Internet. You should use forwarding not a static route. However, keep in mind that providing phone access may make them available to others unless you can filter by the IPs allowed to use the rule. It is a security risk.

Forwarding allows for port mapping/redirection. This is needed as you will access then by using the the public IP of the UCM and it will not know to which device you wish to connect unless you use a unique external port for each phone on the inside.

As an example, the public IP is and you have 5 phones. Depending on the setup you have, the web GUI is either available using HTTP or HTTPS or ports 80 and 443 respectively. When you want to reach a phone, you would type or where XXXX is the unique port for each phone. You then create a forwarding rule in the UCM that when it sees port XXX1 externally, it will remap the port to either 80 or 443 and send the request to the internal IP of phone 1. When it sees port XXX2 it will remap to 80 or 443 and send to phone 2 and so on until you have a unique rule for each of your 36 phones.