Cancel SIP call if door is opened




When someone push the bell button, a sip call is initiated by the GDS3710 to the internal phone(s).

Sometimes, it happens that someone just open the door instead of picking up the phone. In this case, the internal phone(s) continue to ring which is unnecessary and disturbing.

I wired the door sensor (open/close) in the IN2 sensor of my Gds3710. So it knows when the door is opened. Would it be possible that in this situation (doorbell call initiated and then door open is detected), the call initiated by the GDS3710 is cancelled ? That would be a really interesting feature.




Would be very useful.


Use latest Beta Firmware.This should be fixed now:
Fixed doorbell set parallel hunting door opened by one but other devices in the group still ringing.


How about “Enable On Hook After Remote Door Opened” under door system settings?


Hello grandgrand and thanks for your message.

I am using My GDS3710 is calling only one number on my PBX, and the door is not open remotely by a phone, but physically by a person. I don’t think the fix you are mentoning is related to my issue.


This functionnality is activated on my GDS3710. It works when the sip call is answered by a phone and the door is remotely opened from it. But it does not work when then call is not yet answered by a phone and the door is physically opened by someone.


Ok, sorry I missunderstood. I know what you mean.
I don´t really know if this should already work, but I agree it would really be a cool feature!
This seems to be a feature request. Best would be to contact helpdesk for that.