Can you configure MESH and hook up all access points to LAN (using cable) grandstream 7610



I am looking for a new wifi solution in the home. I currently have 3 cisco accesspoints servicing my house.
I would like my next setup to have the option of handing clients to the next AP (if the next ap has better service). The way it works today, is that my wifi client keep the connection to the first ap it meets and keeps it as long as that ap in in range. This results in me having 1-5 mbit even though sitting right beneath the next AP that would be able to provide full bandwidth.

I was thinking that the MESH option would be able to handle this, but as I already have poe lan to several points in the house, I would prefer to hook all my ap’s to POE ethernet.

Can this be done with the 7610 AP ?



Yes, but you need set RSSI.
Mesh have nothing to do with this.

RSSI determine how long keep connection (with correctly set it force client to switch AP with best power in that region). To correctly set RSI best is making WiFi signal strength to see what is best value to force switch.

Ignore value i just show option.


I understand your suggestion and you are correct it has nothing to do with mesh. It has one drawback which is related to me using wifi outdoors.
In case I am going away from the outmost places AP and signal strength is reaching the configured limit, I would prefer to keep the limited connection instead of being cut off.

My ideal scenario would be the controller probing all client every minute to test signal strength from each AP, and based on this data choose which clients to move/kick. It is however not a feature that I have seen advertised by anyone in the consumer segment

Mesh is a separate feature that is strongly advertised but in my perhaps limited understanding of consumer AP’s i reason that if the CPU is strong enough for creating mesh, it should be strong enough for polling the clients (instead).
Having the mesh option would be a bonus but not in any way a requirement. (I would only use it for expanding the outdoor range)



Probing: it require a hell lot of resources.
Mesh simply make link to 1 other AP, it not require scan network in regular frequency and probe all units in range (which must respond anyway).

I can only see that end device do it as it can determine signal easy.

I do not see way to do it on GWN without 2 SSID as RSSI is per SSID.


I read “I’m looking for a new Wife solution”. For a moment, I had emotions.

Anywho, 7610 does not do polling. I’ve never had the pleasure of working with devices that do polling but I hear they are very expensive. I’d love to be corrected on that, the idea seems compelling.

I’d recommend you consider working a GWN7600LR outdoor AP into your upgrade. I have nothing in writing but I find they have a cardioid pattern, meaning, not a lot of signal at the back of them. This means, when playing with RSSI, you can go outside and have amazing signal all over the yard, then go inside and have the connection switch over to an inside AP because you fall below -79 (a default I seem to start at for no good reason) on the outside AP.

You should be able to play with the RSSI to actual get what you want. Download a free WiFi analyzer app on your cell phone and play around.

BTW, the 7600LR is a great outdoor rated AP. I’ve only used the one and it was under and eve so I can’t comment on any full exposure setups.


Thanks for the replies.

I did not consider a new wife solution just yet :slight_smile:

The situation regarding wifi is unfortunately as I feared. It stands to reason why the controller part of an enterprise network requires a decent server. Perhaps in the future this could be delivered by a cloud service… But the real question is whether it will be affordable for (advanced) home users.

I had not really considered tuning the RSSI values, but I will try, and hope I can get it to deliver a good solution.
If I am to go with an external module, then I will start by reconsidering the current locations of the AP´s and work from there. the 7600LR sounds interesting for my usage.