Can the GXW4200 Series support multiple analog speaker phones (with dialers) using a single SIP Account?


We need to continue using existing old Viking E-30 analog speaker phones with dialers (call boxes), which are currently connect to a hybrid VoIP/Analog PABX/KSU, with each E-30 using an analog station. We need to replace that solution with a single SIP account connecting to a Cloud hosted SIP server.

And we don’t want to replace the old Viking E-30 call boxes at this time. They work and we don’t want to change out cabling to network/VoIP call boxes or incur the MRC of having to use individual SIP accounts for each call box.

And do the GXW4200 Series FXS ports provide power for analog call boxes?


The loop current is 4-20ma, ring 50VAC, so it should meet the device needs.

I am uncertain what is meant by a single SIP account in this instance. As you have used plural to indicate more than 1 device, you seem to suggesting that however many E30s there are, they will all be registered as one extension given the single SIP account statement.

Typically, each FXS port would be registered to a single extension such that if there are 10 boxes, then there will be 10 extensions. To a remote PBX, the GXW will look like 10 extensions, no differently than if there were 10 different IP phones. I suppose it possible that you could set all 10 up with the same credentials so that the 10 phones all ring as the same extension, but this is up to the PBX as to how many concurrent registrations it will allow per extension. The boxes will all be seen as the same IP, but the SIP ports will be different for each.


To confirm, we only want to use one SIP account to support ALL E-30’s to reduce the monthly recurring costs of multiple SIP accounts; otherwise it becomes cost prohibitive.

I understand under a single profile within the GXW4200 series gateway, that we can set all FXS ports to the Hunting Group feature to make this work, as the remote PBX will not register multiple devices as the same extension, but need to confirm prior to purchase. Right tool for the right job.


OK, and yes, you can multiplex the analog ports such that they are one extension on the PBX.

You can the details of how to do in the manual.

While it may not be a factor as the use of the call box is unknown, if the possibility exists that they could be used for emergency situations, then it will be an unknown as to which box was used to make the call. Just a cautionary note that may or may not have any pertinence to your use case.


Thanks. The call boxes are not emergency boxes, so not applicable. They’re just used to let the Concierge desk know someone is at a door and wants to come in. Surv. Cameras allow the Concierge desk know who the person is before granting entry.

We’ll review the manual on Hunting Groups. Thanks again.