Can realy everyone pickup CEO's calls by use BLF?


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I’ve read this topick

Is it something changed since that time in term of BLF restriction? Is it true, that all can see and pickup calls from each other and we can’t restrict that with any groups and rights? We plane to use UCM6510, but we are thinking that its wrong, that all users can use telefon to see and pickup calls fron CEO.

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It’s a function of both the PBX and the phone.

You can program the PBX to install (or not) a BLF key onto a given extension if it is a GS phone. If not, then the phone(s) can be manually programmed.
Those phones with the BLF can monitor the other extensions for which they have been programmed. Those phones without the BLF for an extension will not be able to monitor.
So, in essence, only those extensions that you want to monitor the CEO will have that functionality, the others will not.

There are some additional settings, but this should answer you base question.


Also, if using a UCM, you can create the Pickup Group to choose who can pickup the call.

Even without a BLF, if someone knows the dialcode and extension, he can do it.


How can i forbidden, that user1 can pickup calls from other. And in same time user2 can do it? Or everyone, who have SIP Account and use GS Telefon can pickup all calls? How can i setup UCM so. that i can controll who can see or pickups calls?


See page 293.


Ok. But look… we have many departments A, B, C… How can i setup UMC that user from dep.A can pickup calls only from users dep.A, but not from dep.B. And vice versa?


Read the manual seriously. It’s all explained and super easy.