Can I set up an "Announced Caller" inbound route?


Equipment : UCM6300A, WP822, GSC3516
Location : Home user, non-business

While I am waiting for my home VoIP number to be ported and activated I have been looking at the manual and videos of the UCM6300 family to see if I can mimic one of the features in the TrueCall tool in my old BT Premium Phone DECT handset called “Announced Caller”

In this situation if a Caller is not on the Whitelist but is simply unknown to you, they are presented with a message, asked to state their name, press # and wait for the call to be answered. The handset then rings and when I pick up I am told that “A call is incoming from InsertNameHere. Press 1 to accept, 2 to hang up and 3 to block.”. This is the behaviour I am wondering if I can mimic on my new UCM6300A or not.

The reason this behaviour is useful to me is that over the past few years of owning my BT DECT phone I have build up a carefully selected Whitelist of callers from the UK NHS and Home Nursing staff sothe first time they call me they can get through after a short wait rather than being forced to drop straight to Voicemail. I can then add them to the Whitelist so that next time they just ring through. Unfortunately there does not appear to be any way for a user to obtain the Approved Whitelist numbers out of the DECT phone or base unit so I have effectively lost that curated list.

We do receive a fair few unwanted cold callers so I do need the ability to have unknown callers passed to the voicemail but need the Nursing staff to ring though.

How could I tackle this effectively?


I have thought of an acceptable workaround for having lost my whitelist. Since most of the undesirable cold callers use UK national numbers and only a few tend to use mobiles I can filter them like this…

Whitelisted numbers always ring. I know the area codes of the landlines where the most frequent Nursing departments are based so Local calls from the named area codes ring, all mobiles ring and National calls always go to voicemail.

Once I have collected the mobiles from the current Nursing staff after an initial honeymoon period I can then pass unknown mobiles to voicemail too.

That will do for now.