Can I set a multicast paging timeout. If someone does not end the page (hangup) it goes forever


I’ve tried the Off-hook/On-hook Timeout in GDMS and Call Duration Limit in the UCM6304 and neither setting stops the multicast.


I had the same Q.

  1. There is a “Maximum Call Duration” field on the UC62XX series when setting there a paging ext. (even when selecting multicast. Haven’t checked 630xx yet). I tested it and can confirm it works.

  2. There is no timeout options on the GPR/GSX IPphone endpoints. So if someone multicasts a page (in a typical P2P mcast subnet setup) and does not shut-up, you have to listen to it in perpetuity until you pickup and hang-up each phone or reboot it (this was just confirmed in a GS ticket)


Hi BDI, I’ve been working with Grandstream since there was no solution or workaround. They have a new setting in the beta firmware of the GRP260x which works a treat. I’ve now requested for it to be applied to the GRP26xx.