Can I remove the softkey forwardall (gxp21xx phones)?


Hello everyone. We have the gxp21xx phones and our staff have been accidently hitting the softket fowardAll button. They then call our IT support to say that they are not getting calls. We use the UCM 6302 for PBX.

What options are available for either changing this or removing this. I know that I can program the softkeys via zero config and am not sure how to program either the call back function or intercom function.


Thanks for any suggestions.


you should make the changes manually from the web gui of the phone,
see the changes made through the “P” codes,
and these codes you send them via Zero config


Thank you. I’m not following your recommendation when you say see the changes made through the “P” codes. What “P” codes could I set to disable this?


you have to find out from the modifications yourself,
here you find complete templates:


Thanks. Found it!

Hide System Softkey on Main Page
Value ForwardAll