Can an admin please contact me


Can someone from @grandstream contact me please, I’m unable to provide my feedback for the GSC-3510 and the GRP-2614 for the BETA club.

I would send a message, but am unable to message directly.


First of all, is your forum username linked in your Beta Club account?

Second, to post about a product, you must be part of that Beta.

Third, give them 12-24h, they will assign you to the group. It can happen sometimes if you are new to Beta Club.


any forum “username” must be authorised directly by GS in order to access the Beta Club.
I was contacted by them to “authorize” me.
Otherwise anyone would see the posts “beta” and would not make sense.


thanks guys.

currently, its my bosses account that is registered in the Beta Club account, which I have full access to, but for obvious reasons, it wouldn’t be wise to use his email address to setup an account on the forums here.

Since i’m the one doing the testing of the devices, this is why I created an account using my email address.

and the initial post when entering the forums to give feedback on the Beta devices I have here indicates that if there are any troubles/questions or concerns to message @grandstream. I attempted to message them directly, but am unable to do so. likely due to my account being quite new.

and yup, i’m patient I understand there are lots of posts and questions to answer.

btw, i’m happy to finally join the forums and contribute any way I can even outside the BETA threads.


Constructive contribution is always welcomed and encouraged.


Dear all users,

Thank you all for using Grandstream products! You using experiences are very important to us.

Our market team colleague will contact you and check your account if your account has been associated with GRP2614 and GSC3510 Beta Club. Thanks a lot for testing Grandstream products again.

Thank you!


Thank you @GSSupport74


You are very welcome! Thanks for your testing!

Your account has been all set now.

Thank you!