Camera Settings for Backlit Situations



Often in outdoor applications, the camera image will include the sky. When the sky is bright behind a subject at the camera, a silhouette is seen of the person. Competitive products from other manufacturers provide an ability to select a region from which the camera exposure is calculated. Being able to set an exposure region somewhere near the middle of the camera image would be very helpful.

Otherwise, I really like the product thus far. I have three installed on my home.

Thanks for listening.


+1 from me.


@TurnipTruck: What firmware version you are using for the GDS3710?

Please upgrade your device to latest firmware (local upgrade, may take 30 min. to upgrade so be patient do NOT mess power during upgrade). Then in the “Video & Audio Settings” UI choose “CMOS Settings”, in the “mode” please pull down and choose “WDR ( Wide Dynamic Range)” and see whether this helps in the back light environment.

Thanks for using GDS products.


@TurnipTruck @Marcin : Not quite clear about this requirement, could you elaborate a little more and explain in more details? Are you saying PIP feature or something? The benifit and cost of such implementation? Please help to advise. Thanks!


I am on that firmware and WDR did help.


It means you can set point where you should focus camera for setting exposure (and calculate).
99% user will be in same place so we want seen them, no matter what is on second rest.
WDR is fine but it can go reallly wrong with snow.

Now it is probably calculated as general spectrum, but that is bad if you have on camera.