Camera output turns pink (partially) with WDR mode



Long time testing, kept it running for 12+ hours. Now it looks like this (WDR, no LDC, 60 Hz).
A reboot did not help (neither warm nor cold), but turning off WDR did. Turning WDR on again returns with pink in the areas of direct sunlight.


Looks like the eWDR agorithm screwed up at this light condition and scenic with direct sunlight.

Europe/Germany the electricity is using 50Hz, right? Could you change the CMOS setting to 50Hz and advise whether the issue still happening?

Configure the syslog to DEBUG mode, and help to dump the syslog to your computer and upload here.



Good point, I should have chosen 50 Hz. Anyway, I was not able to witness this again (reproduce it). Which does not say that the issue is gone, maybe I just did not look in the right moment.


@AllUp: Please keep on monitor it with WDR on, and if possible, turn ON the syslog to DEBUG and collect the dump if could.

If this happens, please notify again and if you like, may provide you some test firmware for you to address this because you have the environment with that light conditions.



Will try. Syslog is working, though the output seems not very useful to my non-dev eyes.


Just to comment that I have the same situation with the pink areas, but only happens during the afternoon when the sunlight is directly on the GDS3710. Considering that the rest of the image is maintained with good quality I do not see that it affects those pink areas.


Are you using WDR when you get the pink areas?

Just tested and am seeing the pink areas again: WDR with (this time correct) 50 MHz setting. Direct sunlight is apparently required for this happen. Going from WDR to Normal removes the pink areas and returns proper video. The most relevant log line appears to be this:

There are also other log entries that repeat often but are, I believe, not to related to the “pink” issue:

time_print: src/mydate.c:show_time():22:[No such file or directory] 2017-02-19 13:57:41 sync_frame_count(144): Abnormal frame count info between IAV and DSP! DSP(H264: 46699; MJEPG: 16982), IAV(Total: 63682)!


@AllUp: Thanks for the report. Will look into this.

Please keep on collect the syslog information, or even better the wireshark trace when this happened. You can send email directly to me. I have PM to you. Thanks!


Why wireshark? Wouldn’t a recorded video make more sense?


Yes, recorded video is perfect, just worried about not be able to upload due to the size limitation of the forum.

Wireshard trace to capture the syslog, but if you already have syslog server, then this is not required. Thanks!


Hi there,

I received today me camera GXV3672_FHD_36 and in the night i also have pink areas around the screen.
I changed the settings to the ones mentioned, like 50HZ and the other advices. Pink stays all the time untill i put WDR off.
Added attachment from the screenprint from how it looks.

Is there a solution for this ?




Not sure this is the same issue, what is the firmware version of your GXV3672_FHD_36 and HW version?

The WDR is acutally eWDR, meaning using agorithm to process two images one normal and one with longer exposure. We duplicated the cloud pink issue, it is because the light is too bright or strong and overflows the agorithm. Actually in the cloud pink case, you just put you hand in the middle of the lens to force the light condition change, the pink will be gone immediately and the agorithm will converge. If disable WDR this will not happen because the agorithm will not kick in. Therefore usually with WDR on the image will be a little white, color/tone might be distorted, that is the cost, the benefit is more details in the video. Just like taking pictures in back light situation you need flash light to compensate or increase exposure.

Your case is in the night, while usually in night mode we don’t suggest turn on WDR, it does not help anythin, and actually will make things worse. So night mode should not turn on WDR. Or you might use manual mode to find the best shutter speed in your environment, as the AUTO mode not working well in all scenes.


@AllUp: Finally we duplicated this pink color issue. This seems only happen with very strong contrast and light is very bright. When this happens, if you put your hand in front of the lens, the pink will be gone and image will be normal. This strong light condition, not typical scene, similar to human eye watching the sun, screwed up the agorithm.

We are working for the fixing now.


Makes sense, like: WDR is too sensitive on sunny days. But note from my screenshot and video, this happens when not directly looking into the sun, it is the reflection of the sun that does this (sun is behind the camera).


We are seeing this issue as well in the afternoon when the sun is directly overhead or directed toward the door.

Any ETA or update on when a fix will be available?


We are still working on the fix, looks like we cannot eliminate this 100% in such light condition.

For the time being, please disable the WDR feature, or manually adjust the Shutter Speed to bypass the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience. This issue seems more complex than what we initially thought, especially when using eWDR.



This is very disappointing.
We have the GDS3710 installed at our front door, which has an overhang/awning and looks out to a parking lot.
The areas under the overhang are very dark unless we have WDR enabled.
When someone walks up to the door, it is hard to see their face.

I have tried adjusting the shutter speed, but it make no difference.

If you can’t get WDR working, please at least allow more white balance/contrast/saturation adjustment settings like on normal cameras.
At least then we could see the closer objects even if the parking lot is washed out.


The In-Wall Mounting Kit will be available to public in these two weeks.

We plan to have new SDK (provided by the chip vendor) ready by mid-May, hopefully the pink issue will be resolved then.

For the time being, is it possible to get some motion triggered battery powered LED light to install on top of the GDS3710 (Costco has this kind of light for about $20)
if you want to see the face of the person clearly?

Sorry for the inconvenience, we are working for the solution still.


Any updates to the pink WDR issue? Running the device with the current Firmware the problem itsn’t fixed.



@junior: Have you tried to upgrade firmware to latest and factory reset the unit? After the firmware upgrade will the issue still exist?