"Calls" page could use _some_ documentation


It seems obvious that it’s for making outbound calls from the device, but there’s no help or description. It would be nice if there were some. We had someone start entering IP addresses because it says “number or IP” and so they entered an IP. Nothing happened and the screen returned to what it was. Granted, they were TRYING to be obtuse, but still, a one line sentence of what the page is for would be nice.



Our GSC3510 is supporting a Direct IP Call. I think our description on the calling box is pretty clear “Input Number/IP Address”.



What is the point of asking for feedback if you’re going to dismiss it out of hand? the “Calls” page does not say that it is for outgoing calls. It could easily be interpreted as meaning “calls the phone has made in the past” or some other function.

Adding a one sentence description to the page such as “enter the phone number or IP address to place an outgoing call” is not asking for much.



We are not dismissing any of your feedback, all your feedback are important for us :slight_smile:
Sorry if I misunderstood your point.

I would like to clarify your suggestion to make sure if I get it correctly, you are suggesting to change:

  1. “Calls” page to “Outgoing Calls” to avoid any misinterpret for customers?
  2. Description on Calling box (Calls->Call->“Calling box”) “Input number/IP Address” to “Enter the phone number/IP Address to place an Outgoing Call”.

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Both of these would make it MUCH clearer what this page was for. So would a manual, something that (so far) has been missing as part of this beta. :slight_smile:



Just FYI, this will be implement in the next firmware release (v1.0.0.22++).

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