Calls on hold dropping at exactly 100 seconds


Good afternoon.

I searched the forum and looked for other incidents of this problem, but none of the solutions I found there worked.

(There’s an RTP timeout setting, and an event passthrough to SDP setting somewhere else.)

I did a packet capture, hopefully that will give one of you a clue as to what’s going on. I had to break it into two pieces and zip it up to meet the file size restrictions for attachments.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, as always!



Had to attach the 2nd half of the capture in a new post. I suspect that is the important part. 8)


Found it.

Didn’t see that there was a separate “hold” RTP timeout setting. Removed the 100 second entry and left it blank - problem disappeared.


where did you find that setting? I am having a similar issue.


I found it.

PBX Settings : SIP Settings : ToS

Blanking out the hold RTP fixed it.

Thank you


You’re welcome! I realized that post was three years old and I had no idea where I had ultimately found that . . . and with the new interface it likely moved since I found it back then!

Glad you got it taken care of.



I am glad you made the post. It got me in the right direction in no time.