Calls dropped after 60 seconds?


We have a UCM 6510 with mostly GXP2140s. Our current dial plan has an IVR pickup and then they dial a number depending on where they need to reach. So in this case, they dial 1 and it rings a ring group and if that ring group doesnt respond, then some other phones start ringing as well. However, I noticed that after about a minute of ringing, if it is not picked up, we get a message saying “the number is busy. Please try again later.” Or something along those lines. The ring group with all phones ringing has a ring timeout of 0 and rings all extensions simultaneously. Any ideas why this could be happening?.


use the queue instead of the ring group and set the various timeout options well (also check that you do not have a low timout on the phones)


Yes, there is a extension timeout, as well as a ring timeout on a system level. One is apparently taking over and ending the call.

However, unless there is some reason to do so, an unlimited ring timeout is a no value add proposition:

  1. Most people will not wait for 60 seconds of ring and will hang up.
  2. Needing to ring for 60 seconds means that you do not have enough folks to answer the phones and in the meantime, other calls that are coming in can’t really go anywhere anyway as no one is answering and all the phones that could answer are already ringing anyway. Daminano is correct in that a Q is a better option for this.
  3. If no one answers, then you lost the call and who knows if the caller will call back? If nothing else, use a Q or set a reasonable ring timeout and if no answer, then set a destination for the call such as voice mail, so you don’t lose the call and can call them back.
  4. If I am in an office and hear phones ringing off the hook for 60 seconds and this goes on, I am usually looking for blood. Phones are meant to be answered one way or another. Just my opinion however.


The IP PBX has already answered the caller by the IVR with the company greeting, so all he needs to do is to turn on music instead of ring on the ring group, and voila the customer is then receiving MOH or a specific sales message to the Ring Group.

Saves resources of the IP PBX and less likely to have Queuing issues.


Good point, forgot about RTP stream, but that is what the caller hears, while I still get to hear that infernal ringing. He could also enable the RTP keep alive option which should also pacify the provider, assuming the provider is timing out and the call still goes unanswered and ringing…but now forever.