Caller ID with name displayed for any account


I have some GXP1625 and GXP1628 phones, with 2 SIP accounts. 1 is to receive calls (account 1), the other to make calls (account 2). So in my phonebook I have my contacts listed to call them (account 2) directly from the directory.
When I receive a call (account 1) from one of these contacts, of course the name is not displayed. I understand that these contacts are linked to the other account.
Can someone tell me how can I make some “universal contacts”, whatever the account? Of course I can duplicate each contact to link it to the accounts 1 and 2, but it’s not a solution of course. Any idea how to display the name as CID whatever the account?
Thank you.


You don’t use LDAP?


No, I don’t use LDAP. I have few contacts that I update from a XML file, for a personal use in my house.


It does not appear that the phone currently supports an “all” function. When I look at the phone GUI, the contact list is forcing an assignment to either account 1 or 2. In looking at some of the more advanced phones in the GXP line-up, some (I did not look at all) have an auto function as well as being able to assign to a given account and I assume the phone will then display a name regardless of account association. As a side note, I have not tried it, but with auto as a setting it seems as though this should be the intended function.

At this time it appears the options are:

  1. Double up the XML file to duplicate between accounts
  2. Try LDAP
  3. Get a different phone
  4. Make a feature request to GS. It does seem odd that the method used for one multi-account capable phone would be different on another multi-account capable phone despite one having fewer accounts.