Caller ID undetected 0000


Hello, I have a UCM6204 with 2 analogue PST lines connected to to FXO1 and FXO2. When I receive a call the display shows undetected 0000 or anonymous, The Use caller ID checkbox is checked and Autodetect is selected, I tried selecting other option and still the same problem.
If I connect the PSTN lines directly to analogue phone it shows the number calling.
I hope someone can help me solve the problem.



Auto-detect may not be able to detect you scheme so, you may need to test each one to see if any work.


Hello, i have tried each one and still with undetected 0000 and anonymous. The strange thing is that when i connect the pstn lines directly to an analogue phones i can see the numbers calling.


Hi Mr. Tony,
You have to ask your phone provider (pstn service provider) to activate caller id service. My client also experienced the exact same experience as you, and I have told my client to ask their phone provider then they said their phone provider didn’t activate this service and my client have to pay to this activate this service . I hope this can solve your problem.

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If he is getting the CID when using an analog phone connected to the PSTN, then presumably he has CID service.


Yes it has


The service is activated and i can see the number calling if i connect am analogue phone directly to the pstn line.


Hi Mr. Tony,
As I have mentioned above, my client has same experienced as you. At first, my client didn’t believe me, then when he contacted his provider (telkom) then he believed me. It’s all up to you.
For additional information, you can change caller id scheme into auto detect.

Good Luck and God Bless you Sir

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My customer is experiencing the same problem. I have set the caller id and autodetect. Could you find a fix for this issue?



Already fixed the problem. It was a deffective 12V adaptor. I changed and now i can see the CID information


how ?



The 12v adaptor which came with it was deffective. Once I changed it the problem was solved.


Please can you help me with the configuration of Analog Trunk and it inbound and outbound to show CID for both incoming and outgoing calls please…:pray:


With an analog phone with display, the LCIP is received and sent?