Caller ID shows Employee Name instead of Company Name


All of our outbound calls is tagged with the company name and main line as the caller ID.

Now, one of our board of directors (aka old guy), has some of the staff saved on his mobile phone with the company number.

When he receives a call from our office, it shows up as the staff member name and he doesn’t understand why it shows up as that person instead of the company name.

Besides having delete all of the our employees which reference our main line from his phone, is there anything I can do on the back end to resolve this? I have the UCM6208.


Check your caller IDs in your extensions, and make sure your trunk is configured to keep the CID.

Also, if you are using the DOD feature, make sure your extensions are all in the selected list (under Trunks -> DOD on the right).


hi there, I have my extension as my caller ID value and the SIP trunk has “Keep Trunk CID” checked but when I test on my cell phone, what ever is configured on the device, overrides any setting that is passed to it.


I forgot to add that we dont use the DOD feature.


The Caller ID value, clear it and try again.


I would use it if I were you, it helps a lot when managing multiple DIDs.


The clearing of the caller ID didn’t seem to make a difference but I did setup the DOD for certain extensions so lets see if that helps.

Thank you for your suggestions!