Caller ID outbound


I have 4 land lines hooked up. I need to have only one line’s caller id as outbound caller ID phone. How to do that?


which PBX?
which type of line?
What exactly would you like to do?
Details and scenario are needed to be able to understand and give you answers.

Note that UCM610x is EOL


outbound only one call ID. As there are four different numbers actually.

what you mean my UCM610x is EOL?


you did not answer my question,
i guess you have 4 PSTN lines, with 4 different numbers,
in this case UCM cannot make any changes to those numbers, you must address your request to your PSTN lines supplier

EOL = end of life


a screenshot of your outbound routes and rules/dods will help to understand your issue
ofc You can hide sensitive infos!


You can’t have that with PSTN lines, each line will display its own line number on outbound calls.

Convert the PSTN to SIP trunks if you can.


Not necessarily true in the US. While you are absolutely correct in the sense that the CID is under the control of the PSTN provider, many providers can mask the CID of the other lines associated to the account to be the same such that no matter which line is used, it will show to the callee to be the same CID.


Well, lets say if i have magic jack or any other similar jack services.
or does anyone knows any other free sip account for students?


BTW i really appreciate each and every for their prompt opion.


free sip accounts can be created on
you need to use also the given proxy on the account details to make it work


I have created account and i have entered everything in the 6402 trunk information. no dial tone or busy line signal.

Does it has to do with host is not a numeric IP address =, but the port number is present in the RL, the UCM performs an a or AAA record lokup


The presence of absence of a trunk does not define whether a dial tone is heard or not. A dial tone will be heard provided that an extension is connected and registered to the PBX. If so, then lifting the receiver will cause the phone itself to generate the dial tone, The system has no idea if you intend to dial another extension, voicemail or make an outbound call (using a trunk).