Caller id not passing through via ivr


We have an Ivr configured for after hours. We an external user calls the ivr and press the corresponding button to dial an external number the caller id shows the company number instead of the dialed users number. Example, external number 1234, company number is 5678. When the external caller “1234” calls the ivr “5678” and press the number 7 to dial an external number, the external number is answered but the caller id shows the company number 5678.


Is this something I can fix with a packet capture? Or is this something to do with my sip provider? “Throw a dog a bone”


Hi Deon. There are a number of threads on this topic - some of them are recent. There’s a search feature for the forum. If you have trouble finding one of the relevant entries, please repost here and I’ll try to find a link.


hmmm take a wireshark capture of a call… and wait for @Marcin or @lpneblett to ask you to pm them… they should be able top assist you.


I want to thak mbrenneman for throwing me the bone that was needed. After contacting sip provider caller id is now passing through. Thank you mbrenneman and scottsip.


You’re welcome.

That’s the first thing to check - if the provider is over-riding it at the server level. Sounds like that was the trick in your case.