Caller ID for inbound calls showing anonymous



We have UCM6204 setup and one of the FXO is TPlink SIM Router through which calls are diverted to some extensions which are using GXP1625 instruments. Now the issue is that when some one calls from outside on the mobile number which is in TP Link SIM Router and call is diverted via inbound route to specific extension then the callers number doesnt appear. Please can someone help for the same.


if you connect an analog phone with outgoing display to the router, the phone displays the number?


You mean connect the analog phone directly to the UCM device and check if incoming call when routed to the extension shows the callers number or not … is this what you are asking me to test ?


no, I wrote outbound to the router, read me above


Sounds like your mobile carrier/sim router doesn’t support this feature to provide the original caller id


But when I connect the same SIM on my handset I do get the caller information


The description is not clear as to what is actually in use. What model number is the TP-Link? tl-mr6500v?

How have you configured the FXO port in the UCM to detect CID?

The comparison that putting the SIM card in your cell is not really valid other than to show that when taking a cellular call, the CID is displayed and therefore the provider does seem to be sending.

The issue is that the router is taking that cellular call and converting it into an analog call. What Damiano is suggesting is that you get an analog telephone that is suitable for your locale and that has CID display capability, and for testing, plug the analog phone into the FXO Port of the router and then place a call to same to see if the CID shows up correctly on the analog phone.

If so, then it’s possibly a matter of the CID detection method you selected in the UCM for the FXO port on the UCM and did you try them all?

If no CID is seen on the analog phone, then you need to see why that may be as there is nothing that the UCM can do to generate a CID if the router is not passing it.



Can anyone help me to fix caller id issue for UCM6204, I have tried all 12 Caller Id schemes which are available under Analog trunk but none of them showing Caller Numbers, some of them shows UNDETECTED0000 and some shows PRIVATE.

Please help me to fix this issue.



There is no need to make two different threads about the same issue. I have closed the other. As Damiano indicated, perhaps your best bet is to contact the helpdesk at point.


Hey, Thanks a lot for such a wonderful and detailed explanation. Yes the TP-Link router is TL-MR6500v and as you said when I connect a analog phone on the router port then the CID is displayed correctly. But only when I route to any specific extension that is when the caller number comes as anonymous.

So now please can you guide as to what should be my next steps to resolve this issue.


Hi, Yes when I connect the phone to the router port directly then the caller number is displayed properly