Caller ID Digital Trunk


I have just had my PRI installed 12 channel with 59 phone numbers. I am trying to get each ext to show up as its own Number. However when calling from that number it still come sin as the primary number. I have gone into ext. and set caller id to the other number. I then went into the trunk setting and unchecked keep trunk cid but it still shows up with the main first number.


tried to create the DOD?
see if you can find anything interesting here:


Yeah I had come across the DOD and set that up as well. Still not working caller ID only shows main number. I would think the DOD options takes place no matter what?


I don’t know how you set it up, try publishing screens


Thanks Again,
I think it is only those 3 screens that matter or maybe I missed something?


Ask provider for format u need use.
It can be different from what you write.

Also remove CallerID number on extension as DOD will not work if that is set.


Thanks it was the provider that was causing the issue/ Adjusted there settings and working now.


@electravis, you put the “solution” in the wrong answer, so it’s as if you solved it yourself :slight_smile: