Call transfer: search by Name (LDAP)



In GS Wave Lite, I’d like to be able to type the name of a LDAP contact in the Call Transfer UI.

Currently, after answering a call that I want to transfer to someone else, I need to back up from the call UI, go into Contacts > LDAP, lookup the extension of the person I want, and then go back to the call > Transfer, then type the extension number.

The Transfer UI could be similar to the Contacts tab, with an additional Keypad tab to keep the current functionnality, perhaps?


Well nevermind, the Gs Wave Lite application for iOS is basically useless now, since it doesn’t support push notifications. Or it’s still useful for outbound calls, but not for receptionists.

I wished I knew that beforehand, we would’ve bought a UCM63xx instead of a UCM62xx :l