Call transfer and call number


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when I transfer a received call to someone else
the other person does not see the call number on his extension, he just has my extension.
I’m talking about Self-Supervised Transfer


Mark Send Remote Party ID (PBX settings -> sip settings -> TOS)


Send Remote Party ID

already checked ^ - ^ !!!
for information if I do a Blind Transfer
who receives the transfer sees the calling number
however a blind transfer no
the number that appears is that of the first person to receive the call


Diversion header ?
Enable Diversion Header Mark

Also with semi attended you will see your number, it will change after pickup.
This is not possible to change as this how it works(RFC).

Only blind will show you external number.


where I can find Diversion Header Mark
thank you for showing me the way
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You can use Search on top ? :stuck_out_tongue:
PBX settings -> sip settings


Oh yes thank you :sweat_smile:
Diversion header
already activated :thinking:
no other solution?


If you want to someone see external number you must perform BLIND transfer.
Attended transfer is YOUR call to another person, and after transfer it become call between 2 other party only.
Semi attended is still attended when you press transfer number should change but that depend on phones.
UCM + GS phones work this way.


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as RFC only blind transfer send CID .
Dont recommend to enable Diversion Header Mark


Why not ?
It is globally used as it was proposal :slight_smile: