Call ringing but not reaching the destination(no-popup)


Dear Team

I am using gxw4101 peered with ucm 6202 and facing issue of outgoing calls reaching the destination

Example- If i call from an extension to a mobile no. I can see the active call n call ringing but not reaching the mobil (no-pop up on d screen/ no calls)

So team help me with this issue


Can you see which FXO line routed the call? IF so plug bud set and make a call via that line see if that work, after you can determine which fix route to take


In ucm i have 2 analog trunk , if i call thru those trunk, calls reaches the destination…
I have gxw4101 peered with ucm, if i use that trunk which is in gxw4101 then call dont reach the destination


Is it with inbound or outbound calls?
Did you check manual?